Sorry - a little late with this blog! :)
1st hr Alg: Homework over the weekend was on P.7 (#16-30, 34, 40) so we went over questions, turned it in, and just play "i have, who has" using concepts from section 1.1, NO HW!

2nd & 5th hr Alg: Finished our "foldable" notes from section 1.1, went over some examples - HW is P.7 #16-30, 34, & 40 (several people finished in class)

6th & 7th hr Enr Alg: went over 1.3 answers (put it in your binders), did day 1 of 1.4 notes, HW - #1-15 on 1.4 practice worksheet

8th hr POE: did most of the Gears powerpoint & notes, HW - do at least #1-17 on activity 1.1.2

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