HAPPY FRIDAY! Have a great weekend :)

1st hr Alg: checked answers to 0.4ws#2, worked on homework in class - many finished it, if not, HW is the Chapter 0 Review worksheet (quiz will be later next week)

2nd hr Alg: did 0.4 ws #2 in class (a few didn't finish it yet), HW - Ch 0 Review ws (and 0.4ws#2 if not done)

5th hr Alg: started 0.4 ws #2 in class (class was short due to the assembly) DON'T need to finish it for homework - we'll continue it on Monday, HW - Ch 0 review ws

6th & 7th hrs Enr Alg: checked answers to 0.5 ws #2, HW - Ch 0 review ws (QUIZ IS MONDAY) & answer key will be posted by Saturday on my website

8th hr POE: began simple machine constructions, no HW


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