I'm a bad updater this week... however today is very important!
ALL standard Algebra classes have a MID-CHAPTER QUIZ tomorrow!!  Everyone has a chance for lots of extra credit points if you can prove to me that you studied for the quiz.  This could include doing practice quizzes online and submitting them, it could include re-doing problems from the notes or homework and turning them in.  It could include doing odd problems and checking your answers in the back of the book as you go, and then turning that in.  If you can come up with something else, as long as there's proof of studying, I'll take it!

7th/8th hr Enr Alg - turned in 1.6 practice worksheet, went through most of 1.7 notes, and were given a 1.7 handout from page 52 for homework (both classes should skip the word problems, and 7th hour should also skip #33 to 44)

8th hr POE - continue construction of mechanisms project

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