1st hr Alg: took notes from 1.2 on your own notebook paper using the online book, HW - P.13 handout (#15-35 odd, 36, 38, 45, 47, 51, 53, 61)

2nd & 5th hr Alg: took some of the 1.2 notes on your own notebook paper - didn't finish, so your HW is only #15-29 odd on P.13 handout)

6th & 7th hr Enr Alg: went over 1.4 day 1 answers to the 1.4 practice ws (front side), finish 1.4 day 2 notes and did back side of 1.4 practice ws, HW - Mid-Chapter Quiz Review

8th hr POE: should be doing activity 1.1.2 for homework - try to finish tonight, but if you don't, it's due FRIDAY!

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